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Magnolia Market Waco Texas

California, May 8, 2017

As seen on HGTV's Fixer Upper, Magnolia Market is a huge phenomenon out of Waco, Texas. Chip and Joanna Gaines are Baylor University Graduates who started their own businesses in Waco after graduation. Keep up with the latest news on Magnolia Market and stories about Chip and Joanna on this great news feed. As beautifully designed as one of Joanna's house remodels this site is appealing and easy on the eyes.


Raw Chocolate

California, Feb 27, 2017

Next Level Raw Chocolate. Organic. Stone-Ground. Unroasted. Raw. Sugar-Free. Functional. Chocolate.


Portland SEO company

SERP, Feb 3, 2017

Internet Marketing Is the way of the future! Many of today’s youth as well as today’s professionals access most of the information they receive on a daily basis through the internet via a smart connected device. As such the importance of digital marketing through SEO has grown tremendously in the last ten years and is showing no sign of slowing down. People with a firm grasp on how technology works have been successful at using this knowledge to shape the way companies reach consumers.

I have started to use a dedicated team of SEO professionals for each of my start-ups. I have an in-house team of Internet Marketers who constantly build PBNs for massive backlink profiles. The team works through many phases to constantly move our SERP rankings up. Regular competitor analysis is done on our top ten competitors so that we can keep on the cutting edge of new trends and business opportunities. We have even amassed a large social media network in a number of niches and can generate our own trending articles or new site launches whenever we need. This is very useful as this lets us reinvest in ourselves in a smart manner. Our digital marketers continue to advance our company towards a more efficient and cost effective scalable business.


Roofing Company Portland

SERP, Feb 1, 2017

I recently had a couple of my properties upgraded while reinvesting profits this past month. In my Portland portfolio I worked with a great home improvement team. The team did a number of projects for me from siding, to roof repair, and fixing cracks in the concrete that have formed over time in the drive way. The pricing is very competitive and the quality of work was unmatched.

The construction team showed up to their appointment early and in a few hours upgraded the flooring in my kitchen. Within a couple of days of hard work the guys perfectly leveled my sloping foundation for my add on porch. The work was inspected by the city for permitting I was obtaining and was approved with high remarks. Excellent work, huge sales price, even better profits!

My roof has the highest level of storm rating approval possible due to the above and beyond work this company did. Thank you very much for my new roof and foundation. I strongly recommend these if you have property in Portland and find yourself doing home improvement project.


Updraft SEO

SERP, January 30, 2017

EZSEOTools helped me find the best internet marketing service possible. Over the last couple of years, we have tried out one SEO company after another with varying degrees of success. I have been moderately impressed with a few of the companies who really knew their stuff, but I have never been blown away. Not until finding out about UpdraftSEO did I start to realize truly how good an SEO company and service should be. My team’s numbers have turned around drastically. Client’s money site is just flying up through the SERPs rankings and local businesses are dominating Google Maps ranking and Yelp rankings. The only way business could be running better is if I could truly just push an auto pilot button and BAM just scale to infinity.

If your internet marketer is not bringing you at least a solid 8x ROI on investments or projects, then I strongly recommend branching out and trying a new service. The service works phenomenally and their customer service is unmatched! If you are looking to beat out any local competitors with ease, then I strongly recommend looking into these guys. Our test site that we ran to try out the new SEO service ranked from the dark abyss to page 8 on Google in a week and a half in a fair competitive niche. Needless to say, we were impressed.


Free Clash of Clans Gems

No Survey, January 31, 2017

Clash of Clans is simply the best mobile game out there! I have been playing for years and met someone who is sponsored as a veteran clasher. There are always free gem give always, no surveys, and no credit cards. I always asked myself how to get free gems in clash of clans without a survey until I found this rewards Instagram account. The account does no free gems hack download.


EDM Glow Sticks And LED Lights

Coachella, January 31, 2017

EDM festivals are my absolutely favorite experiences in recent memory. The entire atmosphere is filled with crazy wonderments of the mind. I enjoy the music as much as the next person but my true favorite part of the Burning Man is the LED Lights and aesthetics. Seeing everyone not just with your normal glow sticks but fully decked out from LED Shoelaces to gloves, to LED glow suits. Music festival 2017 is my moto this year as I plan to travel from venue to venue in one year long awesome road trip.


Camp Aurora

Camp, January 20, 2017

Camp Aurora is one of the best day camps my kids have ever been to. Aurora was the first time my kids had ever asked to go back to a camp. My kids have been enjoying summer camp in Richmond Hill for the past three summers. I am happy that there is a nurturing environment that today’s youth can safely enjoy and just simply be the kids they deserve to be.

The camp has a ton of activities from breakfast to after dinner smores for the campers to partake in. My son said he literally wouldn’t get on his phone all day because there was so much to do. His favorite activity was going rock climbing and swimming in the lake with all of the other kids. The lake is clean of snakes so that the children can safely swim all day long and there are four to six life guards at any given point monitoring all of the children. The camp staff is highly trained in order to know what to do in the case of an emergency. The lake has a giant water slide for the kiddos as well as a couple of diving boards in the deepest part of the lake. There are also natural cliffs that have been tested to ensure safety for the kids to go “cliff diving”. The camp staff also set up a blob in the lake for the children to bounce each other off of.

Rock climbing and archery is every boys dream. My son is really taking a liking to rock climbing and has even recently joined out town’s local rock climbing group and gym. He is getting really good at bouldering thanks to the camp staff at Aurora. Next month my son is taking his certification exam to be a certified belay climber. This will allow my boy to go to the next level and help climbers out. A bunch of friends that my son made at camp are planning an outdoor climbing trip as well coming up. These are experiences he will remember for the rest of his life and that makes me extremely happy to have sent him to summer camp.


Ice Cream Truck Toronto

Ice Cream, January 20, 2017

When ever I am traveling one of my favorite businesses to check out is the local ice cream scene. While I was in Toronto I found an ice cream truck that has since become my favorite vendor to visit. The crazy all original flavors offered on this truck were absolutely divine.

My top three favorite flavors I tried at the truck were cinnamon toast, durian, and garlic. Cinnamon toast has the best dessert I have ever put in my mouth. The flavor was an absolutely marvelously done soft-serve take on a breakfast classic. The authentic bread flavor comes the owner steeping toast slices in hot milk. After the toast has begun to break down in the milk the bread is strained out. Then lots of delicious butter and cinnamon are mixed in.

My second favorite flavor, durian, is ice cream infused with the full pallet of Asia. The ice cream is made from a well known Asian fruit mixed with a healthy blend of cream and sugar. The trio of flavors creates and extremely powerful taste.


Paraben Free Cosmetics

Beauty, January 20, 2017

At the skin care expo this weekend I had a wonderful time trying out products from a number of companies new to the market. One company in particular that caught my eye was Paraben. They showed up to the expo with a number of beauty, skin care, and makeup lines for everyone to try. Ladies! I must say I was impressed which is hard to do considering I try out makeup for a living! The feeling of my clear and blemish free skin was absolutely amazing! I did not feel oily at all which I can not stand when I feel and look like a hot greasy mess.

The price point is perfect for professionals and college students alike. There is a wide selection of colors, product lines, and tones. Women of all nationalities will find the perfect match regardless of nationality. Paraben is a truly respectable company that is on the for front of beauty revolution. Ladies do yourself a favor and try out some new makeup. You will be happy that you did!

Ladies we all know that skin care if important, and we all are flooded with way too much information and advertising all promising the skin of a goddess. Well I may not have the skin of a goddess but I have recently starting switching products in my skin care arsenal to Paraben. I was having horrible break outs with make up that was recommended to me at Victoria secret until I switched to Tori Burch’s lotion. After my break outs started going away and my skin begun to clear up I researched the ingredients Tori Burch was using and found Paraben to have similar ingredients at a better price. Now I am happy to say Tori is my girl on date night and Paraben is my week long warrior at work to keep my looking my best and sweeping the men off their feet.

Trendy females are flocking to Paraben and for good reason. This cosmetic line is truly a girl’s dream come true. The make up is made of all natural ingredients which should appeal to many of you ladies! There is also thankfully absolutely no animal testing which is a tremendous plus for me. I love all of the creatures on this planet and am absolutely disgusted when make up companies harm animals by product testing. Paraben actually is a big proponent of animal rights and has a zero tolerance policy for testing on animals. They are an up and coming skin care line that is taking the industry by storm.

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